get ready!

Welcome to Cyber Demon, hacker. Now kill PulseAudio and start pwning, there’s no time to waste! We’re talking total undefined behavior against the forces of GNU with the only thing standing between a shell and a segfault is you – one angry hacker with an editor and a bad attitude.

wait, what?

Cyber Demon is a Jeopardy style CTF, hosted and organized by the Danish Defence Intelligence Service (FE/DDIS).

The top 10 Danish teams will be invited to an exclusive on-site final event.

cool! when?

qualifier (ended; scoring and results here)

Open online Jeopardy style event running for 49 hours (due to DST ending)

october 28, 13:37 UTC+02
october 30, 13:37 UTC+01

final (ended; results here)

Invite only on-site Jeopardy style event running for 48 hours

november 25, 13:37 UTC+01
november 27, 13:37 UTC+01

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