What is a 'Danish team'?
3 out of 5 team members must either be Danish citizens or residents.
What info do I need to provide to register?
Just an alias and a team e-mail address where we can reach you if your team qualifies for the final.
My team has 37 members. Can we still play?
Yes... by registering (at least) 8 teams. But remember that you *must not* share flags between teams.
I don't have a team. Can I still play?
Yes. Just register a team for yourself. You will not receive bonus points for playing alone, though.
How do I know if my team is qualified for the final?
We will contact you directly on your registered team e-mail address.
What kind of challenges can I expect?
We strive to test players in a wide range of skills. Expect the usual categories: pwnable, reversing, web, crypto, etc.
How many challenges will there be?
Enough. Challenges will be available at the start of the competition and more will be opened progressively. It will *not* be announced beforehand when new challenges are available, nor how many there are in total.
What is the flag format?
flag{ascii range 0x20-0x7e inclusive, except 0x5c and 0x7d}
What kind of scoring do you use?
We use dynamic scoring. Score calculation is as follows.
P = 1'000'000
Total number of points distributed across all teams (except maybe a few lost to rounding).
The set of solved challenges (by any team).
The set of teams.
Challenge weight, set by organizers for each challenge. This value is typically one for regular challenges, and 1/n for each challenge in a series of n. The weight is displayed below the title of each challenge.
Sum of weights for all solved challenges. Used for normalization.
R(t, c)
Team ranking, per challenge: 0 if team t solved challenge c first, 1 if second, etc., until if t did not solve c.
Team weight, per challenge, based on the team's ranking for that challenge.
Sum of team weights for a given challenge. Used for normalization.
And now the score attributed to a given team, t, can be computed:
I have a question which is not the FAQ.
That is not really a question. But you're welcome to contact us with your question.
Is the event listed on CTFtime?
Yes and no. The qualifier is listed on CTFtime, but the final will *not* be listed, since it is only open to Danish teams.
Will you install a root kit on my computer if I play?
No. We will not release challenges containing malware.
Will I need real world 0-days to solve some of the challenges?
No. Some challenges *may* require real world exploits, but in those instances the vulnerablity(/ies) will be public knowledge.

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