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Get your sparkle on!

It's the CTF hackers everywhere have been waiting for - the first full-length animated adventure featuring the UniPwnie experience. "The UniPwnie experience" is a rainbow coloured mix of fun and excitement with all your favourite little gadgets from libc and some new challenges for you too.

This is an enchanting tale all about friendship and helping others.

So mmap(, 0x7, MAP_SHARED) and get ready for some fun!

You want the truth, Twilight?

The UniPwnie experience is a Jeopardy style CTF, hosted and organized by the Danish Defence Intelligence Service (FE/DDIS).

The top 10 Danish teams will be invited to an exclusive on-site final event.

Do you know what time it is?!


Open online Jeopardy style event running for 49 hours (due to DST ending)

october 27, 13:37 UTC+02
october 29, 13:37 UTC+01


Invite only on-site Jeopardy style event running for 48 hours

november 24, 13:37 UTC+01
november 26, 13:37 UTC+01